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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kacang pol/pool haji @ Larkin, Johor Bahru.

Recently we spent the long Raya weekend in Singapore and Johor Bahru, so naturally we also treated it as sort of a foodtrip. Various suggestions from JB natives were almost unanimous in their solid opinion of this particular gerai, and since we were feeling very adventurous we decided to try this one on the morning we were on our way to Singapore Zoo.

It was, simply put, delicious. So yummy!! I knew it was basically beans cooked in curry and garnished with an egg and onions, but it was only later that I confirmed that the main ingredient is broad beans so this just means that Alwi cannot eat this (poor guy). My husband liked it so much he had this almost everyday!

A bit of educational info : this dish is basically broad beans (also known as japanese edamame) cooked in curry/korma... it originated from the Middle East and is known as "foul medames".

The next time we are in JB, we are definitely paying a visit (or a few) to this shop again! Truly an exquisite delicacy that must not be missed.

Our overall verdict with regards to :

The Food : 8/10. Kacang pol being the main food available, this shop also offers simple nasi lemak which is adequately tasty (each of us had two packets, haha).

The Ambience : 6/10. It is a roadside shop, so nothing very fancy about the whole place.

The Location : 9/10. Easily accessible and has the prominent Larkin Stesen Bomba as a landmark opposite it. There are also parking lots in front of it which is convenient.

The Pricing : 7/10. RM 4 for one bowl of kacang pol. RM 2 for a packet of nasi lemak. Ok pricing for the beans, but kinda expensive for the nasi lemak considering it is so "simple".

Baby-friendly? : I doubt there are baby chairs (we didn't ask for one) but the baby sat in her bucket seat ON TOP of the table so it was no biggie.

Address :
Kacang Pool Haji
in Medan Selera Larkin (opposite Stesen Bomba)
easily accessible and found via GPS

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